[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [campaign world race]

Human: Haruchai - 130 points #

The Haruchai were a by-product of the genetic experiments that created the Blood Royal, while not suited to rule the Haruchai were uniquely suited to fight. So it is that they are blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with being given the task of eternally defending the Blood Royal. A unit in the Palace Guard is composed totally of Haruchai, they are devoted to the defense of the High King and his family. They are always present, whether they are seen or not, they are there. The Haruchai are also known as the Bloodguard, and are available as personal body guards to all high ranking Blood Royal.

The genetic structure of Haruchai is always striving for physical perfection, while this produces exceptional specimens it has the side affect of making genetic compatibility somewhat of a problem. The Haruchai may only produce offspring from partnering’s among their own sub-race, and even then they are rare occurrences. Because of this their death rate usually exceeds their birthrate, causing them to slowly die off. The Haruchai do not participate in marriage, rather individuals are paired by computer analysis based on the chances of them producing offspring, after they have produced a child they are partnered with someone else to increase the available gene-pool. The children are sent to the Royal Academy right after birth and are trained to be the loyal protectors of the Blood Royal.

All Bloodguard are marked by blue and red lines that run from their temples down the side of their faces and across the arms to the palms, unless cosmetics are used anyone who has ever heard of the Bloodguard will recognize one of them almost instantaneously.

Advantages and Disadvantages: DR +4, 3 extra Hit Points, ST +3, DX +3, HT +3, Hard to Kill ×4, Immunity to Poison, Immunity to Disease, Recovery, Doesn’t Sleep, Unfazeable, Temperature Tolerance ×1, Improved G-Tolerance (0.5 increments), Silence ×1, Unaging, Alertness ×2, Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense, Rapid Healing, High Pain Threshold, Strong Will +4, Dying Race, Gigantism, Bloodlust, Fanaticism (To the Blood Royal, Galactic Monarchy and the continuation of the Royal Bloodline), Compulsive Behaviour (Aggression and Violence, requires a IQ or Will roll to respond to a situation in any other way), Code of Honor, Duty (Serve and protect the Blood Royal, and always put the needs of the Blood Royal above your own), Compulsion (Never question the laws or orders of the High King or the Blood Royal, in that order), Vow of Poverty (special), No Sense of Humour, Quirk: Never fully trust someone who is not Blood Royal or Bloodguard.

Note: The Haruchai can never be better than average appearance, they also have little care or need for money or other material possessions, they tend to live a spartan lifestyle. All Bloodguard have average wealth, they are provided for by the High King. Most Bloodguard augment their already impressive natural abilities with subtle cybernetic systems, but only of the finest nature. Likewise, second-rate weapons and armour are never tolerated if better can be reasonably obtained. ALSO, Bloodguard can NEVER, under no circumstances, ever possess psionic abilities, their genetic makeup and mental structures are incompatible with Psi-power genes.

Reputation: +4 reaction to all Blood Royal, other Bloodguard, the Palace Guard, and all other Royal supporters; -4 to all enemies of the Blood Royal and the Galactic Monarchy. +2 reaction from all Kronin, but -2 from all Gormelites. -2 from all peaceful minded races who abhor violence, and races who are timid and easily scared. The Bloodguard’s tendency to try and intimidate all potential opponents is disconcerting to many races.

Code of Honor: Uphold your duty no matter what the personal cost. Defend the High King and Blood Royal to the death, in that order. Punish any insult to the Blood Royal by inferiors. Once freely given, never break your word, unless it conflicts with your duty.

Note on Skills: The character must put points into the following skills: Free Fall, Running, Swimming, Throwing, Vacc Suit, Force Shield, Force Sword, Beam Weapons (one type or more), Fast-Draw, Judo and/or Karate and/or Brawling, Speed-Load (power cells), First Aid, Heraldry, Law, Survival (one type or more), Tactics, Intimidation, and Stealth. If the character does not put points into all these skills he or she must pay a 10-point Unusual Background cost and make up a suitable explanation of why he has not had the compulsory training.