Weapon of the Stars

Weapon of the Stars

[AD&D] - [2nd Edition] - [item artifact]

Name: Whisper

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Int: 17

Communication: Speech and Telepathy

Ego: 50

Special Purpose: Slay Evil Dragons

# of Languages: 3

  • Common
  • Dragon
  • Elven

Special Purpose Powers:

  1. Disintegrates Target
  2. +5 to wielders ability scores & saving throws until target is destroyed
  3. Heals wounds
  4. Random Power

Bonus to Hit: +6

Plus to Damage: +6

Primary Abilities #

  • Detect Magic - 10’ Radius
  • Locate Object - 150’ Radius
  • Detect Invisibility
  • Find the Path
  • Fly

Extraordinary Powers #

  • Heal the Wielder once per day
  • Temporarily increase Constitution +4 once per day
  • Transmute Weapon Shape four times per day

Benign Powers #

  • Possessor Immune to Fear
  • Possessor Immune to Dragon Breath
  • Possessor Immune to Cold
  • +2 to Armour class when held or worn

Weapon Characteristics #

  1. Leaves a flaming arc behind its path when used
  2. Always Weights approximately 70 pounds
  3. Can change weapon type (eg. Long Sword, Mace, Staff, etc.)
  4. Will try to control the wielder unless the character has a intelligence or wisdom of over 18 or is wearing a circlet of the stars which was made to work with this weapon.
  5. Weapon is totally silent in its attack and conveys this ability to its user.

Extra Abilities When Used With A Circlet of The Stars #

  • Extra +1 to Hit
  • +6 to Damage when attacking giant sized creatures
  • Harness the Elements
  • Electric Strike
  • All powers can be performed multiple times with use of mental energy points.
  • Ability to capture spells cast at wielder for later use
  • Random Rift