[AD&D] - [2nd Edition] - [warrior class]

Description #

The Blademaster is a warrior that has concentrated all his skills on becoming a supreme swordsman. As a result he is deadly when holding a blade but only average with any other type of weapons. Blademasters are taught to focus their minds so that the weapon becomes a part of them, their fighting style is one of great agility almost like a dance. For this reason Blademasters scorn armour and shields in battle as it hinders them in their movements. Leather is the heaviest armour they will ever wear. Any heavier armour would hinder their abilities.

Blademasters must have minimum scores of 13 in Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity, and of 12 in Intelligence. They may be of any alignment.

Role #

A Blademasters role in a campaign is that of a sword for hire. He will hire himself out to fight for causes that he believes in. Some Blademasters choose a cause and dedicate their lives to that cause.

Secondary Skills #

If you’re using the Secondary Skills rules, the Blademaster must take Weaponsmith.

Weapon Proficiencies #

Bonus Proficiencies: The Blademaster receives three extra weapon proficiency slots. Unfortunately he is told how to spend most of his proficiencies.


  • Ambidexterity
  • Broad Weapon Group (Blades)
  • Style specialization in one of the following:
    • Two-Weapon Style
    • Two-Hander Style
    • Single-Weapon Style
  • Specialize in one blade of his choice (usually a Blademasters sword which is effectively a Katana).

After all this is done he only has one slot left which he can spend in any way as long as it does not violate his restrictions.

Nonweapon Proficiencies #

Bonus Proficiencies:

  • (General) Dancing
  • (Rogue) Tumbling


  • (Rogue) Juggling
  • (Warrior) Blind Fighting
  • (General) Riding: Land Based

Equipment #

The Blademaster starts with a fine or higher quality weapon of his choice (must be one he is specialized in) and may spend his gold as he pleases.

Special Benefits #

When he’s wearing no armour he receives a -2 bonus to his AC; he’s so nimble that he’s very hard to hit.

At 1st level, he gets a +1 to hit with any one type of sword (his choice from among those he has proficiency with). This goes up +1 every six experience levels (eg. +2 at 7th, +3 at 13th).

At 1st level, he gets a -1 bonus to his AC when holding any type of sword he is proficient in (he gains a extra -1 one time bonus to AC if he is using two swords). Every four additional experience levels he gains an additional -1 bonus to his AC.

A Blademasters symbol is a Heron-mark, anyone who recognizes a Blademaster will become wary in any dealings that he has with him. Blademasters are respected and feared by other swordsmen because of their superior training and their reputation of being unstoppable.

Special Hindrances #

Cannot wear any type of heavy armour (disdains even lighter armour; can only wear leather and padded), he will never use any type of shield in combat. Can only be proficient in bladed weapons, can only specialize in swords. Will avoid the use of Bows and Crossbows in combat. Will never use Lances or Polearms, dislikes blunt weapons and will strive never to use them. He can not specialize in, or even use, the Weapon and Shield Style. When there’s another swordsman around, intent on proving that he’s the best in the world, it’s the Blademaster he will challenge. Swordsmen and guards will become cautious and tense when a known Blademaster is involved in their affairs.

Wealth Options #

The Blademaster starts with the normal 2d4x10 gp beginning money.

Races #

Humans, Half-elves and elves only.