Sword of Wonder

Sword of Wonder

[AD&D] - [2nd Edition] - [item artifact]

The sword of Wonder is a weapon of powerful but unpredictable magic. It works like the Wand of Wonder. Any thing could happen when this sword is around. It has no known intelligence it just seems to make things happen randomly.

The sword has a +7 to hit a target.

Here is a chart of some possible effects the sword could cause.

1D100 Effect
01-10 When the sword is swung it choppes clean through whatever it was swung at.
11-18 Two Lightning bolts fly from the tip to strike any targets in front of the wielder. Cast as Wand.
19-25 A storm cloud appears above the user and rains heavily on him for 1D8 rounds.
26-30 Any plants in a 50’ radius grow twice as large.
31-33 Flower Strike. Flowers grow from the wounded victims wound causing extreme pain and 1D10 extra points of damage.
34-36 The target that is touched by the sword is immediately turned to stone.
37-46 Sword does an extra 20 points of damage.
47-58 No effect acts like a normal magical sword +5.
59-62 The wielders strength is immediately effected. See the magic user “Strength” spell description.
63-65 Faerie Fire covers every target within a 20’ radius.
66-68 100 gems impale themselves in the targets head.
69-79 Fireball as a wand is shot at the target.
80-84 The wielder becomes invisible.
85-87 The user and sword become double size but strength is uneffected.
88-90 Darkness in a 50’ radius from the sword appears. Will wear off in 1D20 rounds.
91-95 User is teleported 20’ in any direction.
96-00 User’s Hit points, Strength, AC, and damage of the sword are doubled for 1D20 rounds.