The Galactic Commonwealth

The Galactic Commonwealth

A GURPS Space Campaign

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [campaign world]

Government #

The Galaxy is ruled by the Blood Royal, a group of genetically engineered humans created by man during the second dark ages to rule mankind and guide them to their destiny among the stars. The head of all authority is the High King who is advised by the council of High Lords.

The basic type of political structure is based on the feudal system and the theory of benevolent monarchy. Individual planets, outposts and solar systems are ruled by Dukes, Earls, Barons and Lords.

Groups of Solar Systems are ruled by Kings, and whole sectors of the galaxy are ruled by the High Lords.

All owe fealty to the High King, who rules from the planet Minas Taras, located near the centre of the galaxy.

Government Organizations #

The Government operates a number of organizations, both Military and Civilian. All members of these organizations have a duty towards the aristocrats of the Galactic Commonwealth.

The Palace Guard #

All members of this outfit are extremely loyal to the High King and his family, they have all pledged their lives to defend the High King. Each and every member is an outstanding pilot and marine, capable of handling all types of situations. They are possessed of iron discipline and courage, all are battle proven. Each has limited authority over all other aristocrats, only the High King can give them direct orders.

The Star Guardians #

This organization is similar to the Palace Guard except they serve and protect the rest of the aristocracy as well as the High King. Each High Lord, King, Duke, Earl, Baron, and Lord will have an outfit of his or her own Star Guardians outfitted with their royal crest. While the Star Guardians are not as formidable as the Palace Guard, they come close and are still a force to be feared.

The Royal Navy #

The navy is the primary interstellar and intergalactic military force, under the direct command of the High King and Lords of the Admiralty. In times of war their ranks are augmented by the personal fleets of the other Aristocrats.

The Royal Space Patrol #

The Patrol is a branch of the Royal Navy and is responsible for policing the galactic space ways to uphold law and order. In times of war they may be called upon to augment the forces of the Royal Navy in actual combat.

The Royal Space Marines #

Another branch of the Royal Navy, these are the High Kings elite ground troops, either stationed on planets or deployed from space ships they are a force to be feared.

The Royal Star Rangers #

This is the police force of the galaxy, mostly operating on or around planets, they are part of the Office of Colonial Affairs. Their duties include the policing of planetary populations and intersystem stations. They have many separate division including everything from traffic cops to S.W.A.T. Teams and Wilderness Scouts.

The Royal Security and Intelligence Agency #

This shadowy convert group is operated by the council of High Lords and is responsible for espionage and counter-espionage, as well as anti-terrorism and attempts at treason. Agents are highly trained in intelligence gathering, overt and convert, as well as the “tricks of the trade,” including infiltration, misinformation, code-breaking, secret languages and possible even assassination.

The Office of Colonial Affairs #

The OCA oversees new colony ventures and regulates the construction of colony ships, as well as overseeing and administrating new or small colonies until they become self-sufficient.

The Postal Authority #

This organization is in charge of the mail and government shipping. Packages of importance are carried by official courier ships, minor material is contracted out to private organizations or individuals.

The Mercenary Regulatory Agency #

This organization sets policies and directives for mercenary companies. Those that comply will receive licenses. Those that refuse must disband, or leave - or face the marines.