Blood Royal

Blood Royal

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [campaign world race]

Human: Blood Royal - 100 Points #

During the Second Dark ages of mankind, when the Governments of Earth fell prey to the power of huge corporations known Mega-Corps, the Blood Royal appeared. They were genetically superior human beings created by the scientists of the era to overthrow the Mega-Corps and rule humankind in a benevolent manner. The Blood Royal succeeded in uniting the populations of Earth under a single ruler, the High King. The High King, who was immune to the bribery of the Corps, restored law and order to an Earth that had been slowly slipping into high-tech barbarism. In the years afterward the Blood Royal led the human race out among the stars and brought peace and prosperity to the entire galaxy.

The children of the Blood Royal are sent by Royal decree to the Royal Academy at the age of 6 and educated to take their rightful place in society. The Blood Royal can usually be found in governing positions or as military leaders, they are rarely found doing any of the dirty work except in unusual circumstances. Most important Blood Royal have a personal Bloodguard bodyguard (see below). To keep the bloodlines pure marriage of the Blood Royal is carefully controlled, when one of the Blood Royal wishes to marry he or she must consult a special computer matching system for a choice of acceptable candidates. The genes of the Blood Royal are incredibly potent, while they can breed with almost any humanoid life form of genetic compatibility, the offspring are usually defective in some way. This is one of the many reasons that the mating of the Blood Royal is strictly limited.

A group of renegade Blood Royal known as the Mind-Seizer’s have cast off the all laws and vows of the blood and strive to control the minds of all, and rule through fear and oppression, these Blood Royal are outcasts and all have kill-on-sight warrants upon them. They are the enemies of all the Aristocracy.

Advantages and Disadvantages: DX +2, IQ +3, Cultural Adaptability (includes Charisma +1 and Language Talent +2), Temperature Tolerance ×1, Improved G-Tolerance (0.5 increments), 3D Spatial Sense, Absolute Timing, Common Sense, Eidetic Memory - Photographic, Immunity to Disease, Strong Will +3, Status +1, Cyber-Rejection, Sense of Duty (The well being of the peoples of the galaxy), Fanaticism (Galactic Monarchy), Compulsion (Strive for a place of authority, guide the human race to greatness), Compulsion (Behave with dignity and grace), Compulsion (fascinated by ancient ceremonies and symbols), Enemies (Kaa Assassins, appear quite rarely; Markann, appear quite rarely; Mind-seizer’s, appear quite rarely), Duty (Only breed with acceptable partners), Quirk: Concerned with bloodlines and family histories, Quirk: prefer to use melee weapons like the mindsword or force sword rather than other modern weapons.

Psionics: Electrokinesis (level 5), ESP (level 5), Healing (level 5), Astral Projection (level 2), and Telepathy (level 5). If the character wishes to have Power in any other Psionic area he or she must pay double the normal cost. Higher levels of the above powers can be paid with regular character points.

Note: The Blood Royal are known for their striking appearances, the character may never be of ordinary appearance. He or she will usually be of Attractive Appearance or better, if he or she is Unattractive or worse it will usually be because of some accident, in this case the character should outline a cause with approval from the GM. He or She can never have a IQ of lower than 12, or a DX, HT, or ST lower than 10, except by injury or some other unnatural cause. In addition none of the Blood Royal are hard up for money, the character must pay for a comfortable wealth level or higher. If the character should somehow lose all his assets the High King will provide him with clothing and lodging in the Royal Palace until he can get himself back on his feet again.

A Blood Royals essenscience resides partially on the spiritual plane, because of this braintapes only preserve their memories, not their personalities. When a Blood Royal dies his or her spirit passes fully into the spiritual plane, for this reason once a character is dead he or she cannot be brought back by any means.

Because of the Blood Royal’s genetic purity and breeding they never suffer from the following physical and mental disadvantages: Albinism, Dwarfism, Epilepsy, Fat, Gigantism, Hemophilia, Overweight, Skinny, Stuttering, Absent-Mindedness, Berserk, Dyslexia, Gullibility, and Shyness. They are also resistant to most mental disorders, or maybe they just hide them well.

Note on Skills: The character must put points into the following skills: Bard, Dancing, Force Sword, Heraldry, Law, Anthropology, Psychology, Acting, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Leadership, Politics, Savoir-Faire, Acting, as well as at least 4 different alien languages. If the character does not put points into all these skills he or she must pay a 10-point Unusual Background cost and make up a suitable explanation of why he has not had the compulsory training.