New Firearms

New Firearms

Hundley Arms XMP, XAC, and XSMG (Late TL7) #

The X series of weapons all use the same basic weapon, with changes in barrel length and shoulder and forestock.

The magazine is a cylinder, mounted in line with the barrel, behind the trigger. The rounds are fed into the chamber by the turning of the core of the cylinder, which is one large screw.

The three weapons, all using .22 LR, are a machine pistol (5" barrel), an SMG (9" barrel) with a folding stock, and an auto carbine (18" barrel) with a fixed shoulder stock.

Magazines come in a standard 50 round size, but a 100 round size is also available. The 50 round costs $5 and weighs 1.5 lbs. The 100 round costs $10 and adds 1.5 lbs to weight.

Semi automatic only versions are available for 1/2 cost. The XSMG and XAC can use a laser and telescopic sight, while the XMP can use one or the other. For an extra $25, the XAC can be factory modified to accept a bayonet.

Game Stats: All the weapons malfunction on a Crit. failure in semi auto fire, a 16+ in auto fire. 50% of all malfunctions in autofire are jams (roll normally for semi auto). The weapons do handle recoil well though. The XAC adds recoil only on every other burst.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
XMP Crit./16+ Cr. 1d+1 10 3 70 1,200 3 20* 50 9 -2 150
XSMG Crit./16+ Cr. 1d+2 10 5 100 1,350 4 20* 50 9 -1 250
XAC Crit./16+ Cr. 2d-1 11 8 150 1,500 5 20* 50 9 -1 350

Hundley Arms M-143b Airico Minigun (Late TL7) #

The M-143b is a man portable, three barreled automatic weapon, using caseless 5.56mm ammo. The weapon is belt fed from a pack carried on the users back with a capacity of 400 rounds, and a weight of 24 pounds, the gun itself weighs 30 pounds. The gun is designed to be fired either from the hip (with a sling), from a bipod (included), tripod, or from a fixed mount. The gun has a removable firing grip that can be attached either on top (for hip firing) or on the bottom (for firing from a bipod or tripod). For use from a fixed emplacement, the firing grip is not used; rather, a cable links the gun to the gun controls (yes, you can be cyberlinked to this weapon without any special modifications to it). The gun has a built-in Telescopic (2) HUD Laser Targeting System. The stats below assume the sights are on and working. If not, then the snapshot number is 16 and the accuracy is 6 (which can only be gained by walking the burst). The gun has two rates of fire, taking one second to change between the two. 100 rounds of ammunition costs $80, and weighs 4 pounds. The ammo pack weighs 6 pounds, costs $100 and has a PD of 2 and DR of 10.

A more portable version is also produced, it uses two cylinders attached to the back of the gun to feed ammunition instead. Each cylinder holds 50 rounds, weighs 2 pounds and costs $75. The weight of the gun is increased to 34 for this version and ammo is a total of 100. The cost of the weapon is 2650, all other stats are the same.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
M-143b 16 Cr. 5d+1 6 11 500 3,500 30* 16/32 400 11 -1 2,500

* Plus the ammo backpack and belt feed (+22 lbs).

Dysonian Arms M-41a pulse rifle (Late TL7) #

The pulse rifle is a sub-machine gun firing 10mm caseless HE rounds. It is equipped with a built in 30mm grenade launcher, which is used like a shotgun. The ammo capacity is high, at 100´10mm rounds (although the digital ammo counter doesn’t go higher than 99) and 5´30mm rounds. The gun comes with a sling and carrying handle. The sub-machine gun portion of the gun is capable of selective fire. Various sights and vision aids can be added.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
10mm Ver. Cr. 3d* 11 6 175 2,300 14 12* 100 11 -1 2500
30mm Ver. spcl. 5d+2 12 5 - 200 1 5 12 -2

Cost (10mm magazine) $125, cost (5 x 30mm shells) $100; weight (10mm mag) 2.5 lbs, weight (5 x 30mm shells) 4 lbs.

* — HE damage is 1d 2 (min. 1); multiply by 5 if it goes off inside a person or living being; -2 DR for penetration purposes, at TL8+ High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) ammo is available with no modifier to DR.

Remington SU-12k Under Rifle Shotgun Attachment (TL7) #

This is a pump shotgun with a sawed off barrel and the buttstock removed. It is fitted to a rifle in much the same way as an M 203 grenade launcher. It may only be fitted to rifles. The rifle and shotgun may be fired the same round, but accuracy for both is halved, and ROF of both is 1 (unless the rifle is being fired automatic).

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
SU-12k Crit. Cr. 4d 14 4 25 150 6 1 5 12 -2 250

Hades Corp Incinerator I-7E (Late TL7) #

This is a lightweight flamethrower with a small fuel bottle, attached directly below the gun, rather than using a large backpack. The fuelpack is PD 2 DR 4, and it is  4 to be hit. If penetrated, it has a 50% chance of exploding (exception: HE rounds always cause it to explode), doing 4d6 per second of fuel left in the hex it is in, halved for every hex away from the explosion. The recoil penalty is taken only if the firer continues firing at the same target in consecutive rounds. Also, while a laser sight could be added to improve the snap shot number, it won’t help on accuracy (the flame obstructs view of the laser beam). The 3d6 damage per round cannot be stopped by water or most conventional fire extinguishers of TL7 or less. Additional ammo costs $100 and weighs 4 pounds per fuel bottle.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
Incinerator I-7E Crit. spcl. 4d* 13 4 10 45 12 1 10* 10 -2 750

* 3d per round until extinguished; ammo is measured in seconds.

Simms AS-12/10 10mm Assault Shotgun (Late TL7) #

The AS 12/10 is a fully automatic shotgun firing 10mm rounds (similar to the old Terran .410 gauge round) of either shot or rifled slug. The weapon resembles the old AK 47 externally. Rifle type sights are provided as is a sling and bayonet lug. Telescopic or laser sights may be used. A loaded clip costs $10 for shot, or $30 for rifled slug. Clips are available that alternate round type ($25). Heavier versions (15mm) were tested, but ammo capacity was poor, and the recoil was hideous.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
AS-12/10 Crit. 2d 13 5 25 150 8 6* 20 10 -2 450
- with Rifled rounds Crit. Cr. 4d 13 7 75 450 - - - - - -

* shotgun slugs should use the same modifiers as pre 20th century rifle rounds double the target’s DR, but any damage that gets through is doubled

Dysonian Arms Barracuda target pistol (Late TL7) #

The Barracuda is a .45 calibre magnum, bolt action, magazine fed, target and hunting pistol. The gun is rather heavy, but does not have the kick one would expect. If the gun is dropped or abused, its accuracy drops by 1 3 points. A shoulder stock (doubling as a holster) is available, at a cost of $150 and adding +3 to accuracy and 2.5 pounds to weight. The Barracuda is a very difficult handgun to conceal, as it is 16" long. Price and accuracy include target sights. If a telescopic sight is fitted, drop the weapon’s base acc by  2 (the high quality target sights can no longer be used). Ammo costs $10 per 50 rounds, and weighs 3 lbs.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
.45 cal Mag Barracuda Crit. Cr. 4d-1 12 6 250 2,800 4 ½ 3+1 12 -2 750

Hundley Arms Nitro Express Sniper Rifle (Early TL8) #

Using the same technology as the Assault Carbine (see Ultra-Tech) the sniper rifle is a semi-automatic high powered rifle. Like the Assault Carbine it has twin 10-round magazines, both feeding into the same firing chamber. Each magazine can be loaded with a different type of ammunition, usually a mix of armor-piercing and explosive rounds. The firer can select between magazines; on a successful skill roll this does not take an action, but must be announced before firing. Ammo weighs 0.4 lbs per 10-round cassette. The gun comes standard with a Telescopic (6) HUD Laser Targeting System. The gun has a skill penalty of -1 when fired unaimed because of the bulk of the scope, but the system adds half the Acc when fired on a snap shot. If the targeting system is broken increase SS to 16 and decrease Acc to 13.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
Sniper Rifle Ver. Cr. 10d 6 18 1,500 5,063 14 3~ 10/10 10 -1 -

Simms AG-17/20 20mm assault gun (Early TL8) #

The AG 17/20 is designed for use against light vehicles and heavily armored troops. The gun is lightweight, with manageable recoil, and fires a variety of ammunition, including APS, Flechette, HE, and standard ammo. The weapon weighs only 9 pounds, the 10 round clip weighs 6 pounds, with the cost varying depending on the ammo type. A 5-round clip is available which reduces the weapons weight by 3 pounds. A sling is provided, as well as laser and HUD sights with a 2 Telescopic Scope. Unaimed shots are at a -1 to skill because of the bulk of the gun and scopes. The 20mm ammo used in this gun is not interchangeable with other 20mm ammo, as it uses a smaller powder charge to achieve lower recoil.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
AG-17/20 Crit. Cr. 15d 5 12 500 3,500 15 1 10 13 -3 1,500
- with APS rounds Cr. 20d(2) 750 5,250
- with HE rounds Cr. 15d-15 500 3,500
- with Flechette imp. 8d* 8 50 350

ammo types: Standard (slug): $60/clip, (NEW) Flechette: treat as a shotgun, cost $80/clip

Mauser 960-A Assault System (TL8) #

This is typical of a ‘do it all’ weapon system at TL8 9. The Mauser 960 is a pulse laser with a built in magazine fed 40mm grenade launcher. The laser uses a belt battery. A 6 scope comes standard with the gun. Also included with the weapon system, packed inside the hollow butt stock, are 2 emergency flares, a pulse signal stick, 2 packages of emergency rations, 5 meters of nylon cord, a flashlight, and a mini first aid kit. Included, but not stored in the weapon, is an entrenching tool. A vibro bayonet, which can actually be launched from the gun by throwing a thumb switch, is included. The total weight of the system, minus laser battery and grenades, is 23 pounds. With one load of ammo, weight is 30 pounds.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
Mauser 960-A - Pulse Laser Ver.(Crit.) Imp. 2d 12 13* 600 2,000 16 8 140/D - 0 6000
- Grenade Launcher Crit. spcl. Spcl. 15 6 125 400 - 1 6 11 -2 -
- Vibro Bayoner cut 2d(5) - - 0 -
“ ” Crit. imp 3d(5) 14 0 - 10 - 1 1 - - -

* does not include sight

Dysonian Arms SAW-7d (Early TL8) #

The SAW (Squad Assault Weapon) is a combination weapon in use by the Army and Marines. Using the standard rifle configuration, the system uses a 7.5 mm belt fed light machine gun with a magazine fed .75 inch (19mm) gyroc launcher underneath (see Ultra Tech). The ammo for the LMG is carried in a small pack on the user’s back, and consists of 200 rounds. The belt is protected by a flexible rectangular hose. The weapon is intended to be hip fired.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
7.5mm LMG Crit. Cr. 7d 14 9 1,000 4,600 25 12 200 11 -2 2000
0.75" Gyroc Crit. Spcl. 8d(2) 14 5 1,800 2,500 - 5 20 - 0

weight(gun): 10 lbs, weight(7.5mm 200 round ammo belt): 12 lbs, weight(.75" ammoclip): 3 lbs

Simms AP-7/10 Snub Pistol (Late TL8) #

This 10mm pistol uses low velocity ammo, and is intended for use on starships. Various types of ammo are available. A cheaper, revolver version is available: the gun is $200, ammo is $15 and 0.1 pound, and magazine capacity is 6.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
AP-7/10 Snub Pistol Ver. Spcl. Spcl. 10 3 100 1,500 1.5 3~ 20 9 -1 500

ammo types #

  • Tranquilizer: will not go through DR3 or greater armor; target must roll vs HT 3 or pass out for 20 HT minutes; if roll is made, -2 to DX and IQ for 20 HT seconds.
  • HE round: 1d+2 crush +1d concussion, x2 DR
  • HEAP: 2d crush +1d concussion

4cm Rocket Assisted Grenades (TL8) #

RAGs can either be fired from a special grenade launcher, or from a rifle with a RAG attachment. When used from a rifle, conventional (ie, slug) ammo may be used. The shells come in various types.The dedicated launcher has a battlefield sight like the G 2 GBR. RAGs can be made laser guided at x10 cost, and with a 20% drop in damage. The rocket kicks in 3 yards after firing, at which time the grenade is armed. The attachments can be made for rifles 4mm to 8mm.

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
RAG Launcher Crit. Spcl. Spcl. 14 10 1,000 1,500 7 1 3 9 0 1200
RAG Attachment * Spcl. Spcl. 13 5 1,000 1,500 0.25 1/4 1 9 0 50

* Same as attached weapon

ArmsCorp G-4 Gauss Pistol (TL9) #

This is a conventional looking pistol, using 4mm rounds. The gun can fire semi auto or four round bursts. Treat armour penetration and damage as per a Gauss SMG. The gun has adjustable micro sights. Though awkward, the G 4 can fire a RAG (acc 3 for RAG), with a grenade attachment costing twice normal (see below).

Malf Type Damage SS Acc ½D Max Wt. RoF Shots ST Rcl Cost
G-4 Gauss Pistol Crit. Cr. 4d 10 6 325 1,000 2.5 4 30 9 0 1500