Enhanced Combat For Augmented Characters

Enhanced Combat for Augmented Characters

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [rules]

Characters who have been enhanced with Cyber and/or Biowear are often capable of super human feats in a combat situation. For that reason the following rules have been included for characters with exceptional abilities.

Movement #

Because of the high Move rates of augmented characters, it is recommended that combat be resolved in order of Move rather than on an initiative die (p. B95). While this introduces a little more bookkeeping, it is more fair to characters who have high speeds.

Step Maneuvers #

In ordinary combat, the Step portion of a Step and (anything) maneuver is a 1-hex move. This reduces the effectiveness of high speed, as a character can only take a small portion of his move without losing his active defenses.

This is perfectly acceptable for characters with low Moves, but someone with a Move 15 should be able to cover more ground while drawing a pistol than someone with Move 5.

Multiple Actions #

Because the main purpose of biowear is to improve the performance of the body and mind for military purposes a common goal in most biowear is to increase the speed and reaction time of the character. Any who has an implant that increases his speed may gain extra actions from the procedure.

For every full 6 points of Move, the character can take one additional maneuver per turn. This does not speed up concentration! If a skill requires one turn of concentration, that means one full turn. This will allow someone with a Move of 12 to Step and Ready, then Step and Attack in the same turn. One additional parry and block is added also.

Example: A character with Move 0 to 11 will have one action, parry and block per turn; Move 12 to17 will have two actions and be able to block and parry twice, and so on.