Mystic Bracers

Mystic Bracers

[AD&D] - [2nd Edition] - [item artifact]

Description #

These items appear to be wrist or arm guards. But when magic is detected on them they will glow brightly. Each of the bracers have command words that activate their functions. However these magical items are so powerful that they almost never do exactly what the user wishes.

Left Bracer #

The left forearm bracer has the following random actions and abilities (roll 1D100 and consult the table below):

1D100 Action
01-20 A small silver shield magically materializes (+4)
21-40 A large silver shield magically materializes (+5)
41-60 A rope line flings from the bracer.
61-80 A whip extends from the bracer.
81-00 A 14" blade extends from the bracer. (+3 to damage)

Right Bracer #

The right forearm bracer causes the wearer to be resistant to fire and cold. It also adds a +1 to initiative, +2 to hit, and a +3 to damage when any type of handheld weapon is wielded in the right hand. It also adds a +4 to Rod/Staff/Wand and Spell saving throws. It also acts like a ‘Ring of Spell Storing’. But the spells are never the one’s the user wants at the time. Here is a chart to determine what spell is cast. To determine the level at which the spell was cast roll 4D6.

1D100 Spell
01-05 Magic Missile
06-15 Charm Person
16-23 Feather Fall
24-31 Shocking Grasp
32-35 Burning Hands
36-43 Fireball
44-46 Wall of Force
47-56 Detect Magic
57-61 Darkness 15’ Radius
62-65 Lightning Bolt
66-70 Levitate
71-73 Pyrotechnics
74-78 Invisibility
79-83 Gust of Wind
84-88 Water Breathing
89-93 Cone of Cold
94-96 Disintegrate
97-00 Delayed Blast Fireball

There is a chance that the bracers will function properly, but it is slim.

DM’s Note: Roll 1D100 after the player has stated what function he wishes to use. If the roll is over 75 then the action actually happens properly. If it is between 50 & 74 then the action only slightly messes up (eg. small shield is summoned instead of a large one or the magic missile drops short of the target). If the roll is under 50 then consult the charts and roll for the action.