Genetic Engineering


At some point in the future man will become impatient at the rate at which nature has deemed that he will evolve. At this point he will take matters into his own hands and use scientific methods to accelerate evolution. At tech level 8 cloning is a reality, and limited genetic engineering is possible. At higher tech levels it is possible to engineer more advanced super-humans with more unusual abilities. The following section outlines how to create a genetically engineered human being, the character will superficially look like a normal human, but his internal workings maybe completely different. To create genetically altered beings that don’t resemble human beings see GURPS Aliens.

Attribute Modifications

Some humans may be genetically altered to have a higher or lower attribute score than is normal, this can be accomplished at TL8+. Attribute bonuses are paid for according to the table on p. B13, with a -1 to IQ costing -10, a +3 to ST costing +30, and a +4 to HT costing 45. When raising or lowering characteristics, the character pays based on his attribute score before the racial bonus is applied. For example, a character pays to be part of a sub-race with +3 HT and wants a final HT of 16. He would first pay 30 points to buy up his health to 13, then add the racial bonus of +3. If later he wanted to use accumulated character points to increase his health still further, he would pay 30 more points (twice the difference between 13 – his HT without the racial modifier – and 14) to increase his HT to 17. See B81.

New Engineered Advantages

The following are advantages that can be used to create genetically altered super-humans. Many of the following advantages were adapted from the metahuman powers GURPS Supers and the racial advantages in GURPS Aliens.

Amphibious 20 points

The character is equally at home on land and in the water. Amphibians automatically have the Swimming skill (p. B49) at their normal Move rate. Usually, this will mean they will have both true lungs and gills (below).

Catfall 30 points

Damage Resistance 5 points/level

Decreased Life Support 10 points

Early Maturation 10 points/level

Enhanced Move 10 points/level

Extended Lifespan 25 points/level

Extra Fatigue 5/point

Extra Hit Points 8/point

Field Sense 10 points

Full Coordination 50 points/attack

Gills 0 points

Hard to Kill 5 points/level

Immunity to Poison 25 points

Increased Speed 25 points/level

Increased Strength 50 points/level

Infravision 15 points

Manual Dexterity 10 points/level

Metabolism Control 5 points/level

Mimicry 15 points

Nictating Membrane 15 points/level

Passive Defense 25 points/level up to 6

Perfect Balance 25 points

Poloarized Eyes 5 points

Recovery 10 points

Reduced Sleep 15 points

Regeneration 10/25/50/100 points

Regrowth 40 points

Sensitive Touch 15 points

Silence 5 points/level

Sonar Vision 0/25 points

Temperature Tolerance 10 points/level

Ultrasonic Hearing 10 points

Unaging 60 points

Universal Digestion 15 points

Venom 15 points/level