The Shroud

August 12, 2000
story, fiction, fantasy

On a hilltop in England, lashed by a cold wind and shadowed by the coming darkness, stood a circle of stones that had confounded men for ages. Amidst these stones stood two young men—one shivering, with trench coat clutched closely, the other too occupied by the horizon to notice the biting cold. In the distance, the sound of thunder heralded the coming storm; the sun fell towards the horizon, and storm clouds formed overhead. ...

The Picnic

November 16, 1995
story, fiction, fantasy, horror

The woods are dense and teeming with life, birds chirp from the branches of lush green trees. A light mist hangs in the air and lends a feeling of expectation, of mystery and intrigue, to this otherwise normal woodland. Proceeding along the path you come to a fork, off to the right a straight gravel path cuts through the forest in unending precision. To your left a winding packed dirt path wends its way through the mist enshrouded greenery. ...

Into the heart of Darkness

October 1, 1995
poem, sonnet

Death transposed to a semblance of life, yet incomplete in its immortal form; upon this world to cause misery and strife, passions greatly perverted from the norm. Preying on the helpless like a vulture, stalking the night shrouded in shadows cape; reveling in their wonderful culture, but feeding on these descendants of apes. Maintaining the masquerade you’re a lie, dreadful beast I know you for what you are. Now the hunt is on, you the prey, not I. ...

The Goblin King

November 13, 1993

Tarlyn stared down from the ridge at his companion’s campsite and the fire they had just started. As he reached back to tie his long dark hair, the moonlight reflected off the runes etched in the silver bracers on his forearms. He was at home in the night, it was his element. He idly swirled the hem of his voluminous dark cloak as he turned to walk down the embankment. Dressed all in black he blended into the night, almost to the point of invisibility. ...